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The Process
The Process

What is the process?

Initial Meeting - Introduction and discussion of your project

Proposal - A written contract to provide the service you have requested

Program - Documentation of your needs and expectations

Schematic Design - Code review, diagrams and sketches, resulting in a schematic design

Land use, pre-application - Meetings with local code officials as may be necessary

Design Development - Development of your design to a level necessary for documentation

Construction Documents - Documents required for a building permit and a construction contract

Permitting - Submitting for your building permit

Bidding - Interviewing contractors, obtaining proposals, awarding a contract for construction

Administration - Assistance during the construction of your project


Billing - Most clients are provided an estimate of hours necessary to complete each step required in the process and invoiced based on an hourly rate. For some larger projects a Fixed Fee is established and the client is invoiced for the percentage of the service completed.

Additional Expenses - Often projects do not require consultants. Depending on the complexity of your site and your project, consultant services may be necessary. Consultant services may include civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering. Occasionally they include professional rendering, cost estimating, and specifications consultation.

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